Skinny Booze Ltd

Are you looking for an alternative, that will offer you everything you want and nothing you don't? All the taste, flavor and alcohol you have grown to expect from a quality product but just simply to reduce the Calories? We have the products for you. Order now and be part of the revolution in Low Calorie Alternatives in the UK.
Think Right - Drink Lite
SkinnyBooze Ltd is the first and only company in the UK to specialise in the distribution of Low Calorie & Low Sulphur Alcohol.
We have searched the globe for the finest 'Low Calorie & Low Sulphur Alcohol' the market has to offer. If you are interested in 'saving calories' whilst still enjoying an alcoholic drink - then we have the products for you. 

Providing you with the better option when the "Only Compromise is Calories".

Same ABV %, Same Great Taste, Less Calories & Less Sulphur




We will not serve or distribute to any individuals under the age of 18,
We work on the 25? policy, whereby if we judge you could be under the age of 25 we reserve the right to request ID.
Only valid forms of Identification will be accepted and we also reserve the right to withhold products,
if no legitimate ID is presented.


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