Wildwood Zinfandel Light Rose


Low Calorie Zinfandel brought it by popular demand for a brilliant Rose Wine full of flavour and ABV but with fewer Calories and Sulphur. Low Calorie Rose is now an option in the UK for express delivery to your door. What more could you want?

California at its best, right here at SkinnyBooze Ltd - presenting the Zinfandel Rose which has been at the top of the request list for some time and now you have it. a Lower Calorie and Lower Sulphite option for you all to enjoy.

The balanced flavours of the Syrah (Shiraz) and Cabernet Sauvignon are combined to make this delicately fruity Rose. With gentle aromas of fresh cherries and watermelon. On the palate flavours of juicy ripe strawberries and sweet candy. Perfectly balanced the finish is fresh and lingering. Zinfandel is a common Rose throughout the UK market but this one is the only one with such a Low Sulphite content.

We have a 92% re-order rate for a reason. Once you try SkinnyBooze you will never go back.  

Calories per 125ml - 88

Sulphite - 112mg/L

ABV% - 12.5%