Skinny Red Mixed Case

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SkinnyBooze Discovery Red's

Saving on average 30% fewer Calories, you will be saving roughly 1,540 Calories per case of wine. The Lowest Calorie Red Wines on Offer at the UK's leading Low Calorie Alcohol provider.

Introducing the perfect Skinny Red wine case for those looking to try for the first time or to stick on their subscription to continuously enjoy. Its a fact - we sell more Red Wine than White Wine. More of you want to save those Calories on your Red's than your Whites. But remember that's a myth - Red's can have significantly fewer Calories than some Whites. But we take it the next level of course.

A beautiful collection of the Lowest Calorie Red Wines we have to offer - of which will give you a perfect tasting of what SkinnyBooze Ltd can offer. Fewer Calorie - Less Sulphur its all in there waiting for you to try. We have a 92% re-order rate for a reason. Once you try SkinnyBooze you will never go back.  

2x Dudleys Stone Cabernet Merlot

2x Sensi Organic Chianti

2x Great Northern Shiraz

Saving on average 1540 Calories per case