Skinny Pink's Case

£61.94 £43.99

SkinnyBooze Discovery Pinks

If you like it Pink, then you will love this addition. It encompasses the beautifully refined Dudley's Stone Rose and the sweet but strong Roche Mazet Rose and last but certainly not least the perfectly tempting First Cape Sparkling Rose.

A beautiful collection of the lowest Calorie Rose wines we have to offer - of which will give you a perfect tasting of what SkinnyBooze Ltd can offer. Fewer Calorie - Less Sulphur its all in there waiting for you to try.

We have a 92% re-order rate for a reason. Once you try SkinnyBooze you will never go back.  

2x Dudley’s Stone Rose
2x First Cape Sparkling Rose
2x Roche Mazet Rose