De Chancery Crement Brut - Skinny Sparkling


De Chancery Crement Brut

ABV% - 12.5

Free S02 - 21ppm 

Residual sugars - 5.9g/l

Calories per 125ml - 65

Vegan - Yes

Vegetarian - Yes

Skinnier than 'Thompson and Scott's Skinny Prosecco' at only 5.9g of residual sugar and £7 per bottle cheaper this is about as good as it can get.

Vegetarian and Vegan too!

Alliance Loire in the Loire Valley of France, has born an incredible 'Low Sugar Sparkling White Wine' This magnificent Sparkling Wine has been produced with perfection in mind. Lower in Sulphur, Calories  and most of all Sugar this ticks all the boxes.

Elegant and fresh bouquet with floral overtones. A rounded structure and an elegant follow-through. Lovely after taste, with hints of fresh pears and peaches.