Picpoul de Pinet - Skinny Pinet


Calories per 125mls - 72
Sulphur Content - 18mg/l
Residual Sugar - 1g/l
ABV% - 12.5%


Now this is special, a specific varietal never stocked before offering SkinnyBooze something elegant but nutritionally incredible.

This is not only Skinny, but Low Sugar, Vegetarian and Vegan Friendly. Ticking all these boxes and delivering like no other in our 'Skinny White Wine' category, this really is something that little bit special.

It has taken our team an age to find something like this - almost 4 years and its finally here.

Close to the Mediterranean and the salted lake “Etang de Thau”, the Picpoul area is a chalky plateau with a high sun exposure and covered by the sweet-smelling garrigues and well-ordered vineyards, scattered with high pine forests.

The final key to its incredibly low residual sugar is that this wine is night harvested in order to preserve aromas and freshness and the fermentation is achieved under controlled temperature.