L'Aubiniere Muscadet SurLie - Skinny Muscadet


Calories per 125mls - 74
Sulphur Content - 15 PPM
Residual Sugar - 1.8g/l
ABV% - 11.5%

Vegan - Yes

Vegetarian - Yes

French, Sophisticated and Skinny - this Muscadet is only 1.8g of residual sugar per litre, so this is the perfect Skinny option when you want to wow your friends and look after yourself.

This is not only Skinny, but Low Sugar, Vegetarian and Vegan Friendly. Ticking all these boxes and delivering a huge sugar saving in our 'Skinny White Wine' category, this really is something that little bit special.

An incredible addition to the portfolio and one we know you will love.

An expressive bouquet of ripe pear and apple. Ample and fruity on the palate, it combines perfectly elegance and minerality. Well-rounded finish with notes of pears.