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  • Luxlo - For Gin Lovers
  • Luxlo - For Gin Lovers

Luxlo - For Gin Lovers


New to the market, LUXLO is a premium lower alcohol gin alternative that is juniper led with 9 carefully selected botanicals. With 28 calories per 25ml serving, LUXLO also has less calories than can be found in the typical bottle of gin.

Taking up to 5 weeks all in all to produce a batch of this beautifully handcrafted gin alternative, the finished product is exquisitely balanced, smooth, light, crisp and refreshing. This truly is a gin alternative with absolutely no compromise on flavour, but allows for those wishing to moderate their alcohol and calorie intake from alcohol.

Tasting notes from the Master Distiller include: colour - crystal clear; nose - floral with subtle citrus notes; body - light, smooth and crisp; palate - juniper forward with London Dry characteristics; finish - warm, smooth, refreshing and clean.

Product Details (per 25ml serving)

  • Calories: 28 calories
  • ABV: 20%
  • Bottle Size: 70 cl