Skinny White Premium Case

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SkinnyBooze Discovery White Premium

The highest of quality with the Lowest Calories we can possibly offer. Reducing the Calories by nearly 30% when compared to the standard wines out there on the market. These wines are absolutely perfect for those who are looking to reduce the Calories by as much as possible. Remember you don't need to compromise on ABV%, Quality or Taste - its all still there.

A beautiful collection of the Lowest Calorie White Wines we have to offer - of which will give you a perfect tasting of what SkinnyBooze Ltd can offer. Fewer Calorie - Less Sulphur its all in there waiting for you to try. Taking Low Calorie Wine to a new level of amazing, this Premium case has been hand selected from feedback from our customers as our best white wine products on offer.

Skinny Wine has never been so good.

We have a 97% re-order rate on this product for a reason. Once you try SkinnyBooze you will never go back.  

3x McManis Pinot Grigio 
3x B&G Sauvignon Blanc