Dry River - Skinny Shiraz


Calories per 125ml - 91

Sulphite - 80mg/L

ABV% - 14.5%

Low Calorie Wine & Low Sulphur Wine isn't just something that dreams are made of. They are available and not just in the US but right here in the UK. We stock a wide range of Skinny alternatives with 1 motto in mind, Full Strength - Full Flavour - Fewer Calories.

Dry River's Shiraz has been imported as an alternative of higher quality to the Harmony Shiraz. This beautiful addition brings you a Lower Sulphite Shiraz while the ABV% is maintained at an impressive 14.5%. We have answered your request with this wonderful addition which we know will have the Shiraz lovers thanking us for the hard work we have done to make this available.

Intense dark red with a hint of violet. The bouquet gives an impression of sweet earthiness and lifted florals, blueberries, fresh tobacco, white pepper and spice. Pure florals, red berries and a silky texture integrate on the palate offering a firm and focused wine. Elegant rather than weighty, with a clean finish.


As you can see in these tasting notes, the additional sugar content is kept minimal and the natural sweetness is held by the minimal Sulphite content. All of these processes and an organic style of growing and manufacturing makes this wine naturally Lower in Calories and Sulphite. Just what we need.

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