Dudleys Stone - Skinny Rose


ABV % - 13.5

Calories - 85 per 125mls

Sulphur - 41mg/L

The superb Dudley's Stone Rose wine has been brought to the SkinnyBooze portfolio to introduce a new way of looking at healthy drinking and Low Calorie Alcohol. This product has one of the lowest Sulphur volumes of any wine in the UK, which makes it very organic and naturally lower in Calories. As we all should know Sulphur is the ingredient added to keep the wine fresh for longer and is what gives us the hangover when we drink a bit too much. This perfect combination of Low Calorie Alcohol, Low Sulphur volumes and an organic product at an affordable price makes this Rose wine very appealing.

White Chenin Blanc and Red Shiraz grapes were crushed together to create this wonderful vibrant pink rose.  On the nose fresh summer fruit aroma dominate which continue onto the palate.  The blend was fermented in stainless steel tanks to impart pure fruit forward flavors of red berries and ripe melon with a hint of honey leading onto a crisp refreshing finish.

Serve chilled as an aperitif, or try with seafood paella or spinach and roasted vegetable lasagne.