• Laurenti Grande Cuvée Rosée - Skinny Champagne
  • Laurenti Grande Cuvée Rosée - Skinny Champagne

Laurenti Grande Cuvée Rosée - Skinny Champagne

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Do you want a beautiful Champagne - Full Strength - Full Flavour - Fewer Calories? Do you want to enjoy the finer things in life without having to worry about how many Calories you are having? Well we have the perfect solution for you. 

Product Details (per 125 ml glass)

  • 56 calories per 125ml
  • 12.5% ABV
  • Blending: 70% Pinot Noir (including red wine made from old vines) : 30% Chardonnay
  • Dosage: Brut
  • Aged: 3 years

We have got the most incredible Champagne for you all. This Laurenti Grande Cuvée Rosée compromises nothing but Calories. The quality, strength, flavour, brand is all absolutely unique and of the highest order. They have refined the grape and liquid to accommodate everything you have come to expect from a high quality Champagne imported straight from the district itself. If you want class, elegance, lower calories, lower sulphur, yet an affordable price - then this is the product for you. Laurenti has produced a significantly lower calorie Champagne by making everything more organic from the way they grow the vines to how they make the wine. No additives - just natural products. This allows for a saving in calories and sulphates while maintaining an perfect balance of flavours which made it an award winning Champagne.

Tasting Notes

An intense apricot with hints of coral, this Champagne rosé sparkles with delicate bubbles that form a fine cordon on the surface. The nose presents strawberries and raspberries with subtle floral notes of violet and lila. These same flavours are expressed in the mouth, with a generous, voluptuous, fruity character. The sweet red fruit coats the palate, extending it with a refreshing hint of liquorice.

Drinking Occasions

Serving temperature: 7 to 8°C. This Cuvée is excellent as an aperitif, or with wild salmon or sushi. For a sublime combination, serve with a red fruit dessert.