• Skinny Red Mixed Case - Lower Calorie Red Wine
  • Dudley's Stone Cabernet Merlot - Skinny Red Wine
  • Sensi Organic Chianti - Skinny Red Wine
  • La Metropole - Skinny Red Wine
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Skinny Red Mixed Case

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SkinnyBooze Discovery Reds

Making life easier, tastier and with significantly fewer calories, we are pleased to offer this collection of some of the finest Low Calorie Red Wines we have to offer.

Product Details

  • 2 x Dudley's Stone Cabernet Merlot
  • 2 x Sensi Organic Chianti
  • 2 x La Metropole

Saving you on average a whopping 1,540 calories per case, these red wines have significantly less calories than others on the market but still provide quality and taste of the highest order. The Organic Chianti from Sensi, for example, has won numerous awards for its excellent balance and taste.

All in all, if a nice glass of red is your preferred choice, then this selection is perfect for you – especially if you’re concerned about the number of calories in the red wine that you’re drinking.

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