• Barton & Guestier Sauvignon Blanc

Barton & Guestier Sauvignon Blanc

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The Lowest Calorie White Wine we have ever stocked is here! 
Fewer Calories has literally never been so good!

Product Details (per glass - 125ml)

  • Calories 70 per 125ml

This beautiful Sauvignon Blanc has been introduced to the SkinnyBooze range to compliment the White Wine range we already have where we were missing a delicious Sauvignon. This incredible wine has been refined with true purpose to achieve incredible statistics detailed below. The Lowest Calorie White Wine we have ever stocked, beating our Skinny Pinot Grigio from McManis.

This Low Calorie Sauvignon Blanc has almost record breaking Sugar levels and all our blind taste testing agents can not pick it out as the Low Calorie Option. It really is one in a million.

Tasting Notes

Lovely pale straw colour, with green and gold highlights. Powerful nose of tropical fruit aromas and floral notes. Vibrant and lively on the palate, bursting with persistent flavours of fruits leading to a refreshing citrusy (mainly grapefruit) finish. Our tasters have concluded that this Sauvignon Blanc is even better than the Essenze Marlborough which we used to stock for the UK which we all know was a huge hit. The statistics back this up too.