• Campoluce Chianti DOCG - Low Calorie 'Organic' Red Wine
  • Lower Calorie 'Organic' Red Wine from Campoluce Chianti DOCG - Low Calorie Wine - Low Calorie Alcohol, Calories in Alcohol - Skinny Alcohol - Calories in Wine - SkinnyBooze Ltd

Campoluce Chianti DOCG

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A remarkable achievement by a fantastic wine maker. A Lower Calorie, Lower Sulphur and Organic Chianti - "The first of its kind"

Product Details (per 125 ml glass)

  • 92 calories per 125ml
  • 12.5% ABV
  • Sulphur 22 mg/l
  • Residual Sugar 18 g/l

This beautiful Organic Chianti brings together a very ethical agriculture in mind, which has always characterised Sensi's wine making. The whole process has been closely monitored by their outstanding technicians and certified by the local specific organisations to maintain the Organic License. To reduce the Calories within this wine when compared to others of their class has been a magnificent achievement.

Sensi have launched a new important concept, where they have sourced the need to recover a philosophical drive to add more focus on a way of eating and drinking more coherent with mother Nature’s teaching. “Campoluce” (light on field) Chianti comes from these principles, respecting the local land and paying the highest attention to limit the stress of the vineyard and the soil where the grapes grow, leaving them to grow up in a very spontaneous way. 

Tasting Notes

Ruby red colour, with a nice fruity bouquet, Campoluce has a good body and a fresh and smooth taste, with a good balance. We suggest to pair it with pasta, noodles, main courses with meat and vegetables and, all kind of organic dishes.


Berliner Wein Trophy 2014
Chianti Biologico 2012 - Gold Medal

Decanter World Wine Awards 2013
Chianti Biologico Docg "campoluce" 2012 - Silver Medal