• Trulo Passion Fruit

Trulo Passion Fruit



Trulo is a range of delicious reduced calorie liqueurs that offer a variety of flavours to suit the sweet toothed among us without the guilt of indulging in high calorie flavoured liqueurs. They’re perfect to add flavour to your favourite cocktails or to use as your simple serve at home.  

Trulo Passion Fruit Liqueur contains the delicious fruity taste of the real thing but accompanied with a creamy and sweet aftertaste. The perfect addition to the popular Passion Fruit Martini!

Simple Serve: Serve over ice with soda water and garnish with some fresh mint for a guilt free take on the classic Mojito.

Product Details (per 25 ml)
14.9% ABV
36 Calories
0.04g Carbohydrates
0.04g Sugar