• Lowest Calorie Alcohol

    Trying to find the Lowest Calorie Alcohol? Low Calorie Drinks such as beer and wine have been extensively accessible worldwide for over 10 years, but strangely enough not in the UK and Northern Europe. Why is this? Well we are slow at innovating and accepting new products into the market place. W... View Post
  • The Huge Introduction is: 'SkinnyBrands Ltd' Tom Bell our Founder & Managing Director has been working incredibly hard over the last 18 months to bring to the UK market a range of Skinny Branded Alcohol Products and the first one is launching next week. 'SkinnyBrands - Lager'. A Lower Ca... View Post
  • Calorie Saving Experts! It's a new record and I am so proud of all the team and our loyal and wonderful customers. 22,240 Calories Saved in 1 Week. We are incredibly proud of this and its exactly what we want to do for our customers. Low Calorie Alcohol is our passion and finding you new and exc... View Post