Vegan Friendly Beer

We are hugely proud to announce that our sister company SkinnyBrands Ltd has recently had confirmation that the incredible SkinnyBrands Lager has been registered with the Vegan Society.
The Beer will proudly wear the Vegan emblem from our next batch in a couple of weeks and will continue to do so far ever more. We are incredibly proud of this and glad to offer the perfect Lager option for those millions of people out there following the principles of Veganism
Vegan Lager isn't very popular and finding one that is easy to find, but and more importantly nice to drink is almost impossible. But not any more.  Following your order here the SkinnyBrands Lager will be delivered in 48 hours to your door and most of the time even quicker.
We look forward to receiving your feedback and most importantly helping you find not only a Vegan Beer but a Lower Calorie Beer too.


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