Low calorie wines

  • To all the SkinnyBoozer's out there and those finding us for the first time. Do you want to enjoy your Drinks? Do you want to Save Money? Do you want to SAVE CALORIES? Do you want a hassle free service? Simple - Sign up to SkinnyBooze Ltd Subscriptions Now. We have recently launched a... View Post
  •   Newly Launched is the 'Skinny Wine Club'. We have put together a perfect selection for everyone to enjoy the beautiful range that SkinnyBooze Ltd has to offer. We have included hand selected cases including a range of Grape varieties, Grape Colours, Premium wines and mixed 6's & 12's. ... View Post
  • After Calorie testing and comparisons, every product on the SkinnyBooze Ltd website has now been updated with; - Weight Watchers - Point Value's - Slimming World - Syn Value's For those that are sticking to the diets of these very common weight loss clubs, we have the information you need. ... View Post