• First Cape Sparkling Rose

    Low Calorie Sparkling Rose The first in a series of Product Launches for 2015!! We don't normally do this, but after a huge amount of requests we have had to give in. We have introduced the First Cape Rose Sparkling wine as a Low Alcohol and Low Calorie option, for those looking for the lighter... View Post
  • Logistics

    All Customers, As you may well have heard on the news over the Christmas period, CityLink went into administration. They have left thousands of customers high and dry with pending orders awaiting dispatch and SkinnyBooze is one of them. We have been in discussion and negotiation with 4 logistics... View Post
  • New Year New Booze

    This year, why not make the one change that we can guarantee will help you;- - LOSE WEIGHT - Feel Healthier - Look Healthier - Allow you to enjoy yourself without the guilt. - Take away the worry you have about the detrimental diet effects Alcohol has. - Start and maintain a healthier calorie bal... View Post