• New Year New Booze

    This year, why not make the one change that we can guarantee will help you;- - LOSE WEIGHT - Feel Healthier - Look Healthier - Allow you to enjoy yourself without the guilt. - Take away the worry you have about the detrimental diet effects Alcohol has. - Start and maintain a healthier calorie bal... View Post
  • Calories in Alcohol

    The BBC have recently been reporting on the lack of knowledge and options out there for Low Calorie Alcohol. They outlined the problem with the below information:-   Alcohol should have a calorie content label in order to reduce obesity, according to public health doctors.The doctors warn a lar... View Post
  • Skinny Parties

    Do you have a party coming up where you want to offer something a little bit different? SkinnyBooze Ltd is now launching 'SKINNY PARTIES' - Offer your guests something that little bit different and special. Drinks that are so niche to the UK, which will make your party memorable and stand out fro... View Post