Lowest Calorie Alcohol

Trying to find the Lowest Calorie Alcohol?

Low Calorie Drinks such as beer and wine have been extensively accessible worldwide for over 10 years, but strangely enough not in the UK and Northern Europe. Why is this? Well we are slow at innovating and accepting new products into the market place. We aren’t one for change or trying new things in these areas.

Until Now!

Times have changed in the last 4 years in the UK. SkinnyBooze has been created by an innovative and forward thinking individual. Realising that there is a need for such a product and an education to the masses of the benefits of such products – Tom Bell (Founder) stepped up. He has changed the way we think of Calories in Alcohol and where we can find healthier options. Even better news is that research shows that regular drinkers more often than not can not even tell the difference between low calorie beer and wine against the normal option throughout the range that we stock.

It is common now for people who want to decrease the amount of calories that they are drinking, looking more and more into low calorie options to see if they are good alternatives from their normal alcoholic drinks. This is roughly 25% growth year on year.


Where to find the perfect alternatives?

There is a wide variety of different categories of low calorie alcoholic drinks available, and you can get them right here at SkinnyBooze Ltd. They come in all your usual assortment of choices, Wine, Beer, Gin, Champagne and more to come soon

There are no cast-iron rules with the lowest calorie alcohol that you choose to drink, meaning that you can drink your usual drink, it is now just possible to find it in a ‘diet friendly’ version. Remember the total calorie count of what is in your glass can contrast significantly depending on what else is going to be put into your drink-of-choice.


What to choose

The best news is that the Low Calorie Beer, Wine, Champagne and Spirits we have all have the same ABV % than a normal product. We know this hasn’t been the case for a huge amount of products previously available.

We are just thrilled that you are starting to think about Calories now in Alcohol and actively looking for a new option and we are even more happy to provide you with the best alternative we can find.


Tasting low calorie

The subject of taste is absolutely the most important as you decide upon your drink hopefully because you enjoy it. The largest number of drinkers are sceptical of the thought of Low Calorie mainly because they haven’t tried the right option. It is absolutely correct there are a lot of poor options out there but that is not what we do. We cater for those who are interested in a perfect product that just sp happens to be Low in Calories.

We would love you to try our products out.

Thank you for time

SkinnyBooze Ltd

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