How Many Calories in Gin?

SkinnyBooze Ltd Now Stocking the UK's Lowest Calorie Gin available.
Want to know how many Calories are in your Gin?



Gin and Slim is a favourite of so many when trying to unwind at the weekend or looking to have a bit more fin without consuming all the Calories other alcohol gives you.
The Slim Line Tonics used are a great option and SkinnyBooze Ltd is soon to launch a range of Low Calorie Tonic Water's soon. 
The Most important thing to consider when trying to cut down the Calories is the type of Gin you are drinking!!! How Many Calories are in your favourite Gin
Calories in Gin Brands (25ml Serving)
Gordon's 96 Calories
Bombay Sapphire 114 Calories
Tanqueray 96 Calories
Hendricks 108 Calories
SkinnyBooze Ltd (Loca Bev) 46 Calories
This means your average Gin and Slim-Line Tonic contains 135 Calories 
Now your New Skinny Gin and Slim-Line Tonic contains 68 Calories
That's a 50% Calories Saving!
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