Low Calorie Alcohol - The Difference Made Clear

We have been asked the same questions at SkinnyBooze HQ for the past 5 years and the education process is still on going in the difference between the Low Calorie Alcohol we stock and the generic products out there in the market.

Sugar plays the largest part in the calorie reduction for our brands, as we search and test for this as a main priority. Residual sugar is sugar in its simplest form in the liquid. It hasn't been turned into alcohol and isn't necessarily adding to the flavours of the wine. Relatively easy to extract without compromising the quality of the wine and imperative to calorie reduction.

Alcohol in its purest form caries 7 Calories per gram and fat has 9 calories per gram with sugar carrying 4-5 calories per gram.

Wine and Beer generally has a relatively low Fat content and the alcohol percentage in our brands will never change from the norm so this has to be discounted in a search. So we need brands that are organic, low sulphur and low sugar.

That's what we stock Low Sugar Alcohol & Low Sulphur Alcohol is our speciality and that's what we want to bring you all more of. The Low Calorie Wine we stock all has very little sugar and some even as low as 1.8 grams per 100ml which is as high as a 70% reduction over normal products.

The favourite Low Calorie Red Wine in our portfolio is the Organic Chianti, but it isn't just Organic, the sulphur and residual sugar levels are the lowest in the Red Wine range. ONLY 89 Calorie per glass

The favourite Low Calorie White Wine in our portfolio is the Roche Mazet Sauvignon Blanc. With residual sugar levels at the lowest in all the wines we have available at 1.06grams per 100ml.
ONLY 72 Calorie per glass
When bubbles are your thing but Calories aren't there really is nowhere better to turn. the winner in multiple blind taste tests against leading prosecco and sparkling wine ranges the Castel Brut Cuvee and its sister Rose are just Perfect.
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Never before seen we are now stocking SkinnyBrands products and their first addition is SkinnyBrands Lager - the lowest and tastiest Lower Calorie Lager available in the world. Better than all Light Lager brands we tested in a cohort of over 1000 people.
We are forever expanding and adding new incredible products so keep your eyes open for the new brands coming soon.
August 01, 2016 by Tom Bell
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