Calories in Wine - The Skinny Revolution

There really is a Skinny revolution in all corners of the consumer market and SkinnyBooze was the first to do it in alcohol. Now our sister company SkinnyBrands is the first to ever brand alcohol as Skinny in the EU.

But remember our philosophy - If its not full strength we don't want it and neither do you.

How many calories are in your wine is our problem, and it shouldn't be yours. It is exactly what we specialise in because the amount of Calories in alcohol is a problem. It has been and always will be until there is a change in the industry. Calories in wine has been waiting for a change and we are that change - we are starting the Skinny revolution.

We believe in the change in the UK from full calorie alcohol to a place where there is at least an option for low calorie alcoholic drinks.

A recent report on Calories in Wine showed that 85% of the UK population didn't know how many Calories were in their wine and 90% of those who got it wrong underestimated the amount of Calories.

Calories in Alcohol as a broad category needs to change and SkinnyBooze & SkinnyBrands will be fronting the campaign to get Calories in labels through the governmental guidance. Trading standards understands the issues with Calories in alcohol and we want them on board with us.

Please keep your eyes open for our campaign as we will really love to have all your support.

Regards - SkinnyBooze Ltd


September 05, 2016 by Tom Bell
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