Calories in Wine

Calories in wine

From the outset, it needs to be firmly established that despite your enjoyment of a fantastic wine, there are indeed calories in wine and some more than others. For a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet we need to seriously consider the calories in our drinks.

This is not all negative as calories should be thought of as fuel for the body and as your body finds it impossible to function without an adequate supply of fuel – wine might be incorporated into your diet occasionally without guilt.

Quantity counts

It’s very difficult to put calorie averages into wine as there is such a huge variation in Calories from all the different regions, growers, vines, grape colours etc. As a general rule of thumb, there are roughly around 115 calories in a small-sized glass of white wine, and 120 in a small glass of red wine (125mls). This then means that in an average bottle of wine bought from the supermarket, there are in the region of six glasses of wine contained within it which all add up if you go on to drink the bottle. That all equates to 690 calories in a bottle of white wine & 720 in a bottle of red wine.


There are novelty wine glasses to be had today in the supermarkets that can hold a whole bottle of wine, but as quantity does count, it is essential to think about the size of your glass when going onto count the calories in wine.

Calories in wines are the same

The calories in Pinot Grigio is generally lower due to the natural dryness of the wines with a low sugar level. Sauvignon Blanc is next on our scale for similar reasons with Chardonnay coming third in natural calorie saving.  Calories in Sparkling wine and Calories in Champagne are totally dependent on the acidity and the residual sugar levels but generally contain around 100 calories per 125 ml glass.

A diet including wine

Having recognised the reality of there being calories in wine it is imperative to count them into your weekly dietary ingestion if you take pleasure in a glass of wine or two on a night out or with a meal. Still, it is also sensible to keep the number of calories that you drink with any beverage in clear perspective.  That’s where we come in at SkinnyBooze Ltd. We save a minimum of 30% on Calories on every product and some even stretching to a 55% reduction, and all products importantly maintain the ABV volume as normal.

We have a wide range of options for you with more and more coming soon and even bringing new lines in for cocktails and spirits. Low Calorie Wine, Low Calorie Beer, Low Calorie Champagne, Low Calorie Gin everything you could want under 1 roof. Delivered to your door in 48 hours.


Thank you for reading - please now browse through the site to discover your perfect healthier alternative.

July 14, 2016 by Tom Bell
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