Calores in Beer: Bud Light versus Skinny Lager

Often confused in the UK market to mean low calorie, light beer by industry definition actually means a reduced level of alcohol – the lower number of calories is a byproduct of lessening the calorific impact that alcohol has within that beverage.

With that said, how does the number of calories and carbs compare between a bottle of Bud Light and Skinny Lager?

Calories in Bud Light UK

Evidently, the lower level of alcohol in Bud Light has had the most impact on calorie count, putting it slightly lower than Skinny Lager. However, with large levels of customer feedback that the desire is for a low calorie beer that isn't too light, we still think Skinny Lager is by far the best lower calorie beer on the UK market. 

Brewed in the UK, Skinny Lager is also gluten-free and vegan-friendly. 

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