New Wine (Merlot)

Bringing you the latest developments from around the world in low calorie alternatives to the UK market for the first time. 

As you all will know by now - Skinny Booze Ltd doesn't just stock the average or standard low calorie wines in the market, as it is dominated in the UK by very poor products. Such as wines with no taste and an ABV of 5% or less. 

We import from around the world to source the best products the global market has to offer. 

The new Essenze First Light Hawkes Bay Merlot at 13.5% ABV and a significant reduction in calories for a full bodied and delicious Red is the perfect alternative. You really don't sacrifice anything with this wine accept the unwanted calories. 


Created by the fantastic McWilliams brand in New Zealand this product follows in the impressive wake of the Essenze Sauvignon Blanc. This really is an exciting time for those individuals that are concious of their calories but don't want to sacrifice anything else to achieve that. Unlike many other products in the UK market. 


Currently priced at £9.70, this is a high end wine and not for no reason. This new Merlot will rock the low calorie UK market as the Sauvignon Blanc already has - we are sure of it.  


Skinny Booze Ltd

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