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It's Time to Change

We are fighting constantly to find new products for you and we aim to release a new product every 2 months into the UK. We want you to be on board with us as we grow and expand but we know we have such an incredible portfolio already.

We have updated all of our numbers internally as Calorie differences change regularly and we wanted to tell you the good news.

Across the range of our Wine's the Calorie difference is now on average a 42% Saving. Up from 37% this time last year.

With the addition of Corona Light the average Calorie Saving of our Beers is up to 33% Fewer Calories than the average UK lager. This is up 5% on this time last year.


In a recent blind taste testing 84% of tasters couldn't tell the difference between our Wines and an average wine of similar grape varietal's.

So the Question is....
  1. Do want to consume Fewer Calories?
  2. Do you want to do it with Wines and Beers that taste the same as usual?
  3. Do you want to find a wine/beer that does all of this without compromising ABV%
  4. Do you want to find all of this at an affordable price?
Then the answer is and always will be SkinnyBooze Ltd
February 08, 2016 by Tom Bell
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