SkinnyBooze Introduction

The First Blog Post of the company that will eventually bring you the most exciting array of alternative products to the UK Market. The company that will revolutionise the UK Alcohol sector by bringing products that you have never seen before. We will be working with some of the most exciting products the global market has to offer and putting them on this website for you to get your hands on them 

This is a mission statement to all of the customers out there looking for the products we have. If your worried about the amount of Calories in the Wine/Beer/Champagne even Spirits that you drink. We will offer an alternative. It will be comparable in Alcohol volume, it will taste just as great if not better than the products you're used to, and it will significantly reduce those Calories you desperately don't want.

We foresee a huge shift in the thoughts around Calories in the coming 2 years and we want to be there to help. Nobody else has been or soon will be so its down to us.

Get on board and see how we can help.

SkinnyBooze Ltd 

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