Low Calorie Gin Launch

Low Calorie Gin is now available at SkinnyBooze Ltd ONLY!

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We are taking the Slim Gin, Skinny Gin or Gin & Slim to a whole new level.
The first company ever to bring a Low Calorie Gin to the UK market. LoCa Bev has produced something that will blow your Skinny Minds.
With 9 different botanical's and 3 years of refining Laboratory tested for quality there has never been a more refined yet organic form of Gin making. That means no artificial flavours, preservatives or added sugar – just pure botanical's and all-natural ingredients
Low Calorie Gin has never been so good.
This is the single Lowest Calorie Beautiful Juniper Dispelled Spirit that SkinnyBooze has come across globally. 
45 Calories per 25ml serving & still 33% ABV
That's on average 45% fewer Calories than any other Gin we have tested.

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