Do you really know the amount of Calories in your wine??

A lot think they do and some don't even want to know. Well here at SkinnyBooze we want you to know exactly what is in ours. Down to the last grain of salt trace.

A huge commotion has been recently brewing in within the wineries around the EU as they are soon to be exposed when Calorie contents are published on the bottles of each of their wines.

The Times Newspaper editor Adam Page wrote.

Winemakers have begun a campaign to dissuade the European Union from forcing them to reveal how many calories their bottles contain.

They fear a fall in sales if consumers realise that a bottle of red wine has about the same amount of calories as half a packet of digestive biscuits.

Some of the world’s biggest beer manufacturers adopted a voluntary code on nutritional labelling in March. Brands such as Heineken and Carlsberg will, for the first time, list their ingredients along with information on calories, fat, carbohydrates, sugars, proteins and salts on products sold in the UK and other countries in Europe.

Calories is a hidden time bomb in alcohol and we want you to know about it and have a way out. A place of healthier solitude to allow you to enjoy your wine and beer alike without the guilt or worry of how many Calories you're taking in.


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