We aren't American and we don't like cheesy Sales pitches, strap lines and pushy in your face "Buy Me" design. We are all North England born and bread individuals that so passionately believe that what we are doing here is something that will help you put the enjoyment back in your drinks whilst taking away the Calories. Pioneering this sector in the UK and EU we are your one stop and only option for these alternatives. We push every day to source from all over the world and bring to the UK even better alternatives. Alternatives where you compromise nothing but Calories - you compromise nothing but the guilt you have when picking up that glass/bottle at the end of a long day.

The UK sits in an endless spiral of tradition and previous action. We take after our parents and our grandparents, we stick to trends because we know it and its comfortable. As I type this out i know i do it too. But sometimes you have to make that change and for a lot its because you fancy it, but for some its because you have too.

SkinnyBooze Ltd was created to break the trend, to reform the mould, to question tradition in the name of health and Calories. The most common statement we come across is, "no i cant I'm on a diet" or "no ill have a soft drink please I'm cutting down". Why do this when there is an option? Why compromise on what you really want just because previously there has been no alternative.

Now there is, we are here and making waves in the industry, this brand is ever changing and ever evolving. Bringing in new products with plans of our very own to bring you something you have never seen before. To revolutionise the alcoholic sector.

Come on board and change the way you think about drinking for good.

Thank you for reading.

Thomas Bell BSc

Managing Director and Founder

SkinnyBooze Ltd


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