To all the SkinnyBoozer's out there and those finding us for the first time.

  1. Do you want to enjoy your Drinks?
  2. Do you want to Save Money?
  3. Do you want to SAVE CALORIES?
  4. Do you want a hassle free service?
  5. Simple - Sign up to SkinnyBooze Ltd Subscriptions Now.

We have recently launched a wine club service which offers mixed cases of the favourite wines at discounted rates. Included within this launch was the subscription service which allows you to add all of these and any other products you want to a recurring service. This allows you to take the hassle and time away from ordering while saving a heap of cash whilst you're significantly reducing your Calorie intake. You can log in any time and change what you have delivered and the frequency of deliveries.


On your first order when signing up to a subscription service with any product, if you use the code 'SBWC' you will save a huge 33% on your first order. Not only will you get this one off saving, you will receive an ongoing Discount of 8% on every order following this subscription sign up. Want it every 7-14-30-45-60 days that's up to you, want 1 bottle or 100 cases, that's up to you.

No contracts and no limits just simple money saving offers and of course what are we here for - SAVING CALORIES!!

Click here to go shopping and Save those Calories!!

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