A new company Profile

As the Managing Director and Founder of a this business, we are looking to revolutionise the Alcohol industry with the most forefront and innovative thinking to date in the UK. We are currently the first and only company specialising in the Retail and Wholesale distribution of Low Calorie, Low Sulphur Alcohol and numerous other healthier alternatives. We have imported specially a range of specifically manufactured healthier alternatives that the UK has neither seen before nor considered. We have the retail company SkinnyBooze Ltd, the wholesale company Skinny Drinks Ltd (soon to be launched) and our own product currently in development (soon to be launched).


Recently there has been a huge awareness behind the Calories (in public media) that may exist in Alcohol with some regulation being brought forward to include calorie contents on the labels coming in the future. Enormous amounts of market research has been done globally which clearly identifies a huge differentiation in the uptake of the healthier alternatives, with the UK falling considerably behind the time when compared to USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand etc. The old taboo with Low Calorie Alcohol has been one of poor quality and significantly lower Alcohol volume. This is now not the case. Our products maintain a comparable ABV% including a beautifully refined taste, whilst significantly reducing the Calories.


These are the kind of products which will go on to revolutionise the UK’s thoughts, trends and opinions around Low Calorie and Healthier Alternatives.

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