First Cape Sparkling Rose

Low Calorie Sparkling Rose

The first in a series of Product Launches for 2015!!

We don't normally do this, but after a huge amount of requests we have had to give in. We have introduced the First Cape Rose Sparkling wine as a Low Alcohol and Low Calorie option, for those looking for the lighter touch on Low Calorie Wine. We have only included this wine as it fits customer requests and is the best product from the Light Range.
Crisp and fresh rose wine Less than 1 unit of alcohol and only 60 calories per 125ml glass. At least 30% fewer calories than standard First Cape sparkling Rose wine. First Cape Light Sparkling Rose is carefully blended to be wonderfully fruity and refreshing. Perfect for all occasions from a lunchtime barbeque to an evening celebration, and at 5.5% alcohol, suits today's busy lifestyle.


  • Posted by Peter bahri on

    Me and my wife love first cape rese sparkler and wondered if you sell this product. If so how much for?


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