New Pinot Grigio

New to SkinnyBooze Ltd is the Beautiful Dry River's Pinot Grigio has been imported on demand from customers for a Lower Calorie & Lower Sulphite Pinot Grigio. We have answered your request with this wonderful addition which we know will have the Pinot Grigio lovers coming back for more.


It has a light gold colour which suggests richness on first appearance. This opulence leads to an aroma profile reminiscent of yellow plum and golden Kiwi fruit. These generous fruit aromas are kept in check by a bright 'Granny Smith' apple note. The combination of fruit aromas reflects the purity and concentration with maximum flavour with the residual sugar kept in check by fine-grained phenolic compounds. The buoyancy, mainly from fruit extract rather than sugar, is suggestive of ripe 'Golden Queen' peach or even an old style Turkish apricot.

As you can see in these tasting notes, the additional sugar content is kept minimal and the natural sweetness is held by the minimal Sulphite content. All of these processes and organic manufacturing makes this wine naturally Lower in Calories and Sulphite. Just what we need.


Calories per 125ml - 98

Sulphite - 95mg/L

ABV% - 12.5%



  • Posted by Mark Pollitt on

    Just purchased this wine from yourselves and I have to say what a cracking taste. So crisp and smooth, one of the best we have ever tasted. So glad I bought 6 !!

  • Posted by Lisa on

    Hi, can your wine be purchased by the bottle/case and if so where do I find prices etc?

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