Skinny Parties

Do you have a party coming up where you want to offer something a little bit different?


SkinnyBooze Ltd is now launching 'SKINNY PARTIES' - Offer your guests something that little bit different and special. Drinks that are so niche to the UK, which will make your party memorable and stand out from the rest. 

The argument is always 'quality or price' do you want products that will WOW your guests or do you need to work to a budget? SkinnyBooze Ltd will tailor a package to achieve both quality at a good value.

SALE & RETURN - "What you don't drink you don't pay for"


We offer a full range of products including Wine, Beer, Champagne and Spirits. see a selection of images below.

Remember - All the products SkinnyBooze Ltd offer stick to the motto which formed the foundation of the business.

'Same Alcohol - Less Calories'

You will still be dancing all night long to your favorite music. All your guests will get everything they wanted from the drinks they would normally expect, apart from the Calories.




Contact - to arrange a meeting to discuss your needs.

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