SkinnyBooze Ltd is being quoted all across the UK web based blogs as the only place in the UK to find Low Calorie Alcohol. Blog sites are incredibly helpful for finding out informaiton on products and suggested companies, but with SkinnyBooze Ltd as the only place in the country - we are pooping up everywhere.


These are just 2 that have been posted in the last couple of months. Low Calorie Alcohol, Low Calorie Wine, Low Calorie Beer, Low Calorie Champagne are becoming ever increasingly popular key words through Google, with over 2000 people searching these terms each week in the UK alone.


Same Alcohol, Less Calories has been the motto from the very start - we don't want to compromise on anything, especially not the Alcohol. We are also about to launch a full range of Sulphite Free Wine imported especially from Italy. This is a new area of the Market which will bring Organic, Sulphite Free products to the UK market through SkinnyBooze Ltd only.


Keep in touch and keep your eyes peeled for New Products and New Offers as SkinnyBooze continues to expand. 


Remember we are the ONLY place in the UK to do;-

Low Calorie Wine, Low Calorie Beer, Low Calorie Champagne and much more to come.


SkinnyBooze Ltd


  • Posted by Sandy on

    We have a pretty good liquor store that sells an amazing selection of wines. Can you tell me if you sell your products there? Name is Total Wines & More.
    When is the non sulfite wines coming out! I have been looking for a non sulfite brand of wine for some time.

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