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Brilliant Write up on Skinny Booze Ltd by Diane Cook in the 'Lancashire Telegraph'

But skinny booze, now you’re talking. Champagne, wine and beer that doesn’t compromise on the alcohol content and is roughly half the calories of the real thing. It’s available through, a Cheadle-based company.

I bought a bottle of Ayala Brut champagne at £29.99, 45 calories for a 125 ml glass and 12%ABV and a Sauvignon Blanc, £8.50, 75 cals a glass and 13.5%ABV. Both were on the dry side, but very drinkable.

Tom Bell, founder of skinnybooze, explains that it’s all in the fermentation process. Basically the wines and champagne contain less sugar, because grapes are picked earlier before the sugars have fermented. Neither do they contain artificial sweeteners. According to my son, the Moosehead Light beer, at 90 calories a bottle, is not bad either.

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