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It's a new record and I am so proud of all the team and our loyal and wonderful customers.
22,240 Calories Saved in 1 Week.
We are incredibly proud of this and its exactly what we want to do for our customers.
Low Calorie Alcohol is our passion and finding you new and exciting products is what we chase.
Our customer services have seen a huge rise in positive feedback over the course of the month as all of our new customers have found Low Calorie Wine that actually tastes good.
We had a lovely email sent to us which reads
"Dear SkinnyBooze,
Can I first start by saying I didn't even think Low Calorie Alcohol existed let alone Low Calorie Wine. Gin and Slim is now a thing of the past for me when Counting Calories.
I have finally found what I was looking for without even searching hard for it. The Low Calorie Gin tastes incredible and I drink it with Cucumber instead of Lime/Lemon. The Corona Light is refreshing for those Summer days I would like a beer and the Organic Chianti is just incredible with any red meat.
Thanks to you i don't have to worry about Calories in my drinks again.
Thank You so much for helping me out.
Best Wishes
****** ******
As our existing customers will already know, but for our new customers, we are aiming to have a 100,000 Calorie Saving week before the end of the year. Lets all make it happen.

Saving nearly 35% on average per product we need you to help us. Become a SkinnyBoozer today and join the revolution in Alcohol!
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