New Years Resolution

Resolution to stop drinking??? Why is that? Is it simply to help the liver recover, or is this another health/weight related plan to cut the calories and slim down.

Do you have to cut out all the booze to cut the calories? Here at SkinnyBooze Ltd we promote a healthy lifestyle with moderation and without all the compromises. The business started for the sole reason that the public need an option when it comes to healthier alcohol.

This year, why not make one change to your nightly, weekly, monthly regime of a few glasses of wine/champagne or a few bottles of beer? This compromise spread over the days/weeks and months is incredibly surprising when looking at your overall calorie saving. See below for details.


Average weekly consumption - '6 glasses of white wine' (225cal per 250mls (large glass)) = 1350 Calories per week

Skinny Booze Alternative - '6 glasses of Essenze white' (140cal per 250mls (large glass)) = 840 Calories per week

510 Calories per week 'saving'

2160 Calories per months 'saving'

28,080 Calories per year 'saving'


Why not make that one change to your diet without cutting the fun out of having a drink with friends/family and just to relax at night. Remember it still has all the alcohol!!!!


SkinnyBooze Ltd

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