• Dry January

    So many of you have been taking part in dry January, but what we would like to know he's why? Is it because you want to avoid alcohol altogether or is it because you think reducing your alcohol consumption will help you lose weight, or is it a combination of the two or something else? At SkinnyBo... View Post
  • Calories in Mulled Wine

    We all love the festive period, the presents and all the time with family and friends. We over indulge on everything, but thats the point of Christmas right? Mulled wine plays such a huge part of the traditional Christmas drink selection and there are lots of options to chose from. All major sup... View Post
  • SkinnyBooze - Reduced Calorie Alcohol Specialists

    Low Calorie Wine and Innovation to reduce calories in alcohol. What actually makes up the calories in our drinks and what should be avoid? View Post