• What are Hard Seltzers?

    Everything you need to know about the fastest growing drink trend The popularity of hard seltzers exploded in the US last year, so much so that some stores in the US placed a ration on them. This popularity hasn’t gone unnoticed here in the UK, thanks in part to almost every US Instagram influenc... View Post
  • An incredibly enlightening study from ‘Mail Online’ shows the available information on the sugars and calories in alcohol in the UK market. Some popular 'cocktails in a can' and alcopops are crammed with as much sugar as six Krispy Kreme doughnuts, an investigation has found. A nutritional review... View Post
  • Dry January

    So many of you have been taking part in dry January, but what we would like to know he's why? Is it because you want to avoid alcohol altogether or is it because you think reducing your alcohol consumption will help you lose weight, or is it a combination of the two or something else? At SkinnyBo... View Post